Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Post: Sean Beaudoin

Hey all! Author Sean Beaudoin has agreed to do a guest post for Frazzled Book Nommer to talk a little bit about his book, You Killed Wesley Payne, a pulp-noir novel that came out on Feb. 1, 2011 by Little, Brown. Without further ado, here's Sean:

Bzzzt. Wait, what? Are we out of Rush cola? No? There’s still another case?Bzzzt. Good. Okay. Guest post? Did you ask me a question? You Killed Wesley Who? I think I need to go outside. I need to run for a bit. Hang on. Bzzzt. I’m going jogging. Clothes? Who needs clothes? Okay, okay, where’s my sweats? Did you just finish my can of Rush? It’s empty. I did? Oh, right. Am I back from jogging yet? Oh. Sneakers. There they are. Let me just lace them up. Crap. My finger’s caught. Ouch. No, it’s knotted. Isn’t knotted a funny word? Bzzzt. Have you ever really looked at your hand? What guest post? I’m going running. Leave me alone. So what if I’m already sweating? Where’s the door again? I totally have the urge to rearrange my room. Bzzzt. Help me move the bed over here. No here. No, over here. Were those scrapes on the floor there before? Dad is going to be pissed. So what if he lives in an entirely different state? I can’t feel my pulse. Do I have a pulse? Do I need one? Does that mean I’m dead? I need to finish this assignment. I can’t find my turtle. My pet turtle. He was right here, in my front pocket a minute ago. Bzzzt. Green, what do you think? With a green shell and green feet. What, have you ever seen a pink turtle? Wait. Hold on. I just saw a pink turtle. Bzzzt. What do you mean, we’re running out of words? I have more words than I know what to do with. You want some? Guest post? I don’t even know what thatis. I don’t want to be a guest. I don’t want to be a post. I want to just lay here on the carpet. The floor is nice and cool. The universe is really just one big machine. Or, I mean one big appliance. The universe is a blender. Quick, write that down. The universe is a 3-speed blender permanently set on mince. What do you mean you can’t find a pen? Bzzzt.

Hey, is there any Rush left? God, I love soda.

... Or maybe... not? I think Sean has had a little too much Rush (which is a key "ingredient" to You Killed Wesley Payne) to drink! I promise you - I am not the one who gave him three bottles of Rush to drink before writing his guest post. We'll try again in a few days and see if he's sobered up a bit. In the meantime, be on the look-out for my review of You Killed Wesley Payne, as well as an interview with Sean!

Thank you Sean for er.... talking about your book!