Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Blogger Hop Oct. 29-Nov. 1

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy-for-Books. It's a chance for book bloggers to interact, make new friends, and most importantly, share their love of books!

This week's question is:

What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?

Oh gosh, a bookshelf! No question or second thought about that. I don't have one and have books scattered in towering piles on the floor, on my nightstand, next to my laptop, etc. They're basically on any surface I can stick a book on. Definitely need a bookshelf. :/

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This week's question is:

If you have, or would have a daughter, what book would you want your daughter to read?

My answers are for when my imaginary daughters are older, in their teens. So, Speak. I would want my daughter to have as many learning materials as she can in front of her, and I'd want her to know that it's okay to tell me what's going on and to speak up. Also, Twenty Boy Summer. Not just because my mind is still on challenged books, but because it's a story of death and overcoming loss. In case something happens to someone she cares about early on in her life, like it did for me, she'd be able to connect to the issues in Twenty Boy Summer and maybe come to love it as I did. I wish I had Twenty Boy Summer when I lost my dad, so maybe it would be of some use to my daughter.

And for my imaginary cute little girl, The Secret Garden. I LOVED this book as a kid - I'm sure my daughter would too. If she doesn't, I'll make her read it so much until she does. :P


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Erika said...

Hi Kristina, thanks for hopping by! I'm an old follower of yours as well.

Speak is a heartwrenching book, but I do believe it's one of the greatest YA novels ever written. When my "daughter" becomes a teenager, I would love for her to read it! Twenty Boy Summer is good, too. I honestly do not see the rationality in Wesley Scroggins complaining about both books :|

Have a great weekend!

Erika Breathes Books

Alison Can Read said...

I agree with Speak and 20 Boy Summer for older girls. I think I'll point out all the banned books to my kids and tell them to read them. The most controversial books often have the most to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi, following on friday. I'll suggest 20 boy summer to my teenage daughter :)

Danna (Bananas For Books) said...

Hey Kristina! I don't have towers of books everywhere, but a new shelf would be nice. I haven't read Twenty Boy Summer (yet) but I soon as I get the book:) I LOVED Speak. My Mom kinda flipped when I told her I read it because she doesn't think it's "age appropriate" but my Dad said that he was glad I read it and he wants my little sister (age 11) to read it too. Happy Friday (well Thursday) and have a super weekend!

Mel u said...

Good question-I have three teen age daughters-I have suggested the Harry Potter series, to kill a mocking bird, and The Diary of Anne Frank

I am now a follower of your blog

Mel u

Ashley @ Bookaholics Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. I have yet to read either 20 boy summer or speak but they are both on my TBR list.

Candace said...

No bookshelf?! You must remedy that soon!
I love all the books you mentioned. I haven't read Twenty Boy Summer yet, but the rest are all excellent reads!
Thanks for hopping by! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Following the mechanical bunny around... old follower :D

Anything bookish... A library at my fingertips at all times. Luckily I have my Nook :D

A book to recommend to my figurative girl, Twenty Boy Summer & Speak!! Wonderful minds think alike :O

Sorry no post for hopping tonight but I have a new book review up.

Mad Scientist

Kristin @ Beneath Shining Stars said...

Bookshelves are indeed handy things. :3 And I haven't read Twenty Boy Summer, although now I feel that I ought to at least go forth and check it out.

I'm an old follower. ;3

~ Babs ~ said...

I could use another book case myself or better yet a room all to myself in the house would be nice. I am a new follower hopping over from the blog. Like your layout as well.
The World of Book Reviews

Melissa said...

Found you through the hop. Love the layout, and your reviews are great. Just became a follower.

detweilermom said...

Just Hopping by and am your newest follower. Have a great reading weekend.

Tara said...

Aw! I hope you get a bookshelf soon. Track down a friend with carpenter skills and have him/her build one for you! :) I read Speak in the 8th grade as part of a required reading (my 8th grade English teacher rocked!) and it was great.

If you get a chance, check out my blog. I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Jeremy said...

I'm doing my rounds for the Blog Hop and Follow Friday so I'm stopping to say say hello. :) I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi there! I'm just stopping by from the hop (already following). I'd love to have my own library :-)

have a great weekend! (my book blog)

Unknown said...

Hoppy Friday! Just stopping by to say hello....Have a Wicked Weekend.

Hilary said...

Just stopping by, found you through Follow Friday. I loved your answer to the question, I would definatley want my daughter to have the same values. It's just amazing how books can help kids see those and understand those in an easy way. I'm a new follower. ;)

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

More space for books is something we always need, I think! And I LOVED The Secret Garden as a little girl - great choice!
Jenny @ The Mimosa Stimulus

(Sorry for the garbled comment that I deleted - my internet went out as I was trying to post it!)

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Like some girls need diamonds, girls who love books need shelves...and lots of them! (We can have diamonds too, if we want them ;)
Have fun hopping this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm already a follower of yours :)
That is *so cool* that your last name is Barnes! I'm jealous haha!
I have a bookshelf and I *still* have books scattered around my floor...=/ haha I need like 3 to fit them all.

Unknown said...

Hey! Just hopping by! I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads

Judith Leger said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm here for the blog hop and Follow Friday! I just love these. Answer for the Hop is an IPad or Kindle. Answer for the Follow Friday is: The books I would chose would be Dr. Suess' when she was young then as she grew older I would definitely recommend the Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon books! I loved them when I was young. Here my links and you can find me on facebook too!!/judithleger

Steph from said...

Hi, Old follower but stopped to say hi. A bookcase sounds like a good idea. Stop by
Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
twitter: @fangswandsfairy

Izzy said...

Ah! I'm having the same problem with my books too...what to do what to do :D New follower!

Elizabeth said...

Just stopping by from the hop.

Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer to this week's question.

pussreboots said...

Bookshelves are very helpful but they tend to breed new bookshelves. And then before you know it... your whole house is full of shelves and little else.

Happy weekend. My bookish wish involves a remodel. Here's what I'd do if I had the time and money.

Unknown said...

Hopping around... already a follower. Stopping by to support.

I have a new review up :)

Mad Scientist

Heather said...

Very lovely choices for a future daughter... and lol, everyone seems to be choosing a bookshelf or a library XD

Check out my Follow Friday, Blog Hop and Giveaway HERE!

Emi said...

You poor girl! NO BOOKSHELF?! LE GASP. Seriously, you should invest in one. I mean, towers of books are great--I have a few of them in my room--but waking up the morning to see the spins of your favorite books displayed neatly in front of you...ah...*sighs happily* there's no greater feeling.
Anyway, great choice for books to share with your imaginary daughter. I'd share Speak too. I read it a few weeks ago and thought it was amazing. Apparently, there's a movie, but I'm not sure I want to see it for fear of it ruining the book. ;~;

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