Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hiatus for finals. Grr, finals.

I just wanted to let you all know that I will not be here for a week. Why? Finals. They're either going to a) kill me, b) eat me alive, or c) fry my brain. Or a combination of all three. The end of the semester is always the busiest for me, and that's exactly what I've been: busy.

I have three finals and am dedicating an entire week to studying for them. In fact, I've actually been studying since Thursday. Why the dedication? My chemistry professor told me that I currently have a 89.37% in the class. In order to get an A, I must score a 92% on my final. I would absolutely hate myself and cry for a week if I found out that I had been that close to an A and screwed it up by bombing the final. So I'm taking extra precautions: exiling myself from blogging, twitter, and *sob* reading.

The past week, I tried getting posts up and ready for my finals week, but I was so caught up in completing the assignments that were due before finals that I just didn't have time to schedule any posts. So, I have nothing. Except for this update post to let you know I haven't died on the side of a road or something. And possibly an interview/giveaway. But that's all there will be until the 18th.

I apologize that I'm going to be gone for so long with nothing scheduled in the meantime. And I'd like to thank all of you for being so patient with me. ♥ See you all after finals!


Cialina at said...

Chem was my worst subject in high school. Took three years of it and I will do my best to avoid it at all cost in college. I wish you the very best of luck on your finals!!!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Oh no :( Good luck with all your finals, Kristina! I hope you do really well, and I know I'll be here stalking your blog when you get back!

Literature for Lunch said...

Bleh! Good luck on finals! We will miss you but will be patiently waiting for your awesome posts to return.

Aylee said...

I'm going to have to do the same thing, too. Except I'll be gone for two weeks instead of one. Good luck on your finals! Try not to stress out too much. Deep breaths!

LunaMoth said...

Good luck! i hope you get your A!!!

Jenny said...

GOOD LUCK KRISTINA! I don't know how you guys maintain a blog and go to school at the same time, I can barely maintain the blog and do nothing the remainder of the time:) Hope you get that A and you'll be missed in the next week!

Kai Agito said...

Krisssssss! *hugs* so this is why you've been MIA on Twitter. I miss you! T_T
I am so sure you're going to get that 92% thing and get an A! seriously! i'll be waiting for you to come back~

Sam (Tiny Library) said...

Good luck with the finals! Without sounding too much like your mum: make sure you get plenty of sleep :P

Celine said...

Good luck! I hope you get your A (:

Marie Simas said...

Good luck on your finals! I remember that I used to get stressed and sick (usually with bronchitis) every single year.

Take a week off-- relax and recover. Amazingly, reading quietly is one of the things that would help me feel better. Once finals were over, I was usually sick for a week or two. So I would only relax with hot tea and cheap romance novels. Your body will thank you.

Corrine said...

Good luck on your finals! :)

Jen (@ Jens Book Closet) said...

No worries! Good luck on finals, I know they are killer. I don't envy you there.

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Straylights said...

GOod luck on finals! But I'm sure you will do great smarty pants :)

Do hurry back though, I need some good book recommendations :D

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Cialina: Chem was my worst subject, too! I barely passed with a B in highschool. I would have never taken it in college, except for the fact that it's a main requirement into the program I want to get into. Boo. :P

Melissa: Aw, thank you! :D I'm still not quite back (I have one more final), but I decided I needed a much deserved break. If only for a night. :P

Jen: Thanks! I'm sad I had to skip out on reading some of YOUR awesome posts. But I shall catch up this weekend, that's a promise! :D

Aylee: I could barely handle one week on a self-exile. I was going crazy not reading anything other than icky chem! :P

Luna: Thank you! I hope so too, but I think I bombed it. :/

Jenny: Aww, thank you Jenny! I BARELY am able to juggle maintaining a blog and going to school. There are some people who do WAY more than me and are busier than me. It's crazy! I have no idea how they do that! :P

Kai: Awww, I missed you too! Even if I cry-emailed you half of the time. LOL.

Sam: Thank you! :D I actually took your advice and got tons of rest (well, except the night before the final). My last two exams I had stayed junked up on caffeine and came crashing down on the day of the test. Wasn't going to repeat that experience!

Celine: Thank you! I hope I do too!

Marie: Thanks! I would hate getting sick every time I took a final! That must have been horrible! I only become a caffeine-junkee that's spazzy and stressed out and cries a lot during finals, haha. I'm definitely going to be relaxing. I've been stressed for a week straight - I deserve a vacation!

Corrine: Thank you! :D

Jen: Thank you! I don't envy me either. My finals were killer. Thankfully I only have one more to go~

Straylights: Thank you! But I highly doubt I'm a smarty pants. xD If I had been a smarty pants, I wouldn't have done so horribly. =s

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