Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Blogger Hop Oct. 1-4

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy-for-Books. It's a chance for book bloggers to interact, make new friends, and most importantly, share their love of books!

Anyway, this week's question is:

How do you spread the word about your blog?
(e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs...)

This question was definitely not made for me! I'm a relatively new blogger (new in the sense that I started in July, spent the entire month of August in Texas, then came back in September and started it up again :P) and I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have no idea what in the world I'm doing. I've heard from other people to social network, but I suck at that (every tweet I do makes me cringe; I think it screams "I'm networking socially!"). So, mostly I just try to link reviews to my very few twitter follows and I took up Jennifer's own Book Blogs Ning  advice a while ago. But aside from that, I'm just floundering wildly in the dark.

I'm more interested in YOUR guys' answers! This newbie needs tips. :)


Kathy Habel said...

I'm a new follower.
Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great weekend!
~Inspired Kathy
I Am A Reader, Not a Writer

Unknown said...

I am a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Opens black and white lace parasol. Now for some Steampunkery to be had else where. :)

Mad Scientist,

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

I've been a blogger since January and I still sometimes have no idea what I'm doing. So don't feel bad.

Coming in from the Hop.

- Shera (Book Whispers)

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your header. How did you make it?
My Hop

Chelle said...

I've got several of my promotion tricks up on my Hop post if you want to check them out. Don't be too hard on yourself - I certainly didn't know what I was doing when I began blogging. I think you're writing some great reviews and you blog looks good so you don't have to worry!

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just wanted to pop in and say hi:) I am a crazy Twitterer sometimes, I can't help it, I get addicted. I'm pretty much floundering wildly too, I think we all start out that way. I'm following you on Twitter now as well! Have a great weekend:)

Amber said...

I'm just stopping by from the hop and am a new follower. I'm relatively new myself but I've found that book blog hops, great reviews and interviews and giveaways are awesome for promoting my blog. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

My Hop

Magical Animal Tour said...

Hopping on through. I like your blog. I've been blogging for a year & 2 months and your blog is a lot better than mine. I started my blog, then didnt touch it for about 3-4 months... but I guess that is normal. I am a new follower of yours. Feel free to hop over to mine:

Belinda said...

Happy HOP!! I mainly use the weekly meme activities to visit blogs and see what they're up to. My hope is in return they come visit me :) SOmetimes I use Twitter but it's visiting other sites that's helped. Happy reading!

Come HOP by my blog and visit

Chazz said...

Hi! Another one here stopping by from the blog hop!

I look forward to reading more of your posts :)


Tina said...

Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog via the friday meme, and I had to leave a comment telling you how wonderful I think your blog is! Your design is pretty, and your content is great!

Please keep it up, I've followed you for more. :D

Best Wishes,
●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬●

Badass Bookie said...

Hi there! *waves*

Hopping over via hop! lOvely blog you have here! This week I'm trying to reach 400 followers SO for every follower I get they will get one too! Hop on over!

Til next time,
Lisa (Badass Bookie) xx

Romy @ said...

Hey Kristina,

Just stopping by from the Hop. I find commenting is a good way to get your blog out into the blogosphere, lots of people have been mentioning Twitter which I don't have, but I'm thinking maybe I should. I believe if you have a blog that people like you'll get followers who will spread the word about your blog.

Have a great weekend :)

Misha said...

Hopping by to say Hi! I am a new follower.
Have a great Weekend!
My Book Blogger Hop

Missy said...

Just dropping by through the hop! Hope you've had a wonderful week and have an even more fabulous weekend!

Missy's Reads & Reviews

(New follower!)

Sarah said...

I'm a relativity new blogger too.. I started in mid-July.. but unlike you, I did blog through August :) Yeah, I can't stand tweeting. I hate the idea of it lol. I do have a facebook, but its personal - not really for "social networking" I am only friends with people.. that I am actually friends with. I know what a shocking concept! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ragan said...

Hopping along the trail... I’m a new follower. Happy Friday!

Ragan @ Location 2571

Heather said...

See, I'd never even heard of Books Blog Ning before, so this has been really helpful, and I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful suggestions yourself!

New follower here!

Check out my Blog Hop, Follow Friday and Giveaway!

Laura Massey said...

Hi! I found you on the blog hop. I'm a new follower

Laura Ashlee @ Ramblings of a (Future) Librarian

Cass said...

Found you over the hop. I'm a new follower. Great place you have here. I comment a lot around others' blogs. Usually I won't link my blog (hey, I said usually!), but sometimes people will go through the notions and click to find your blog. And may even follow. Ta-dah! Also, following sometimes results in follow backs, especially if you comment that you're following them. :)

brandileigh2003 said...

People really do love comments, I know that I do, so I try to network mostly that way.

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Teresa said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm pretty new to this as well as I just started the end of February. Welcome to a fantastic community. I'm off to explore your blog.

Alissa said...

Totally off-topic, but your top banner is pretty. :]

And I'm glad I'm not the only one not into tweeting or facebooking about my blog - that's just too annoying for me to keep up with.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower, too. Have a great weekend!

Straylights said...

I started blogging in August and I still dont know what I'm doing! You're doing a great job so far though!

Oh and I am a new follower :)

Hop on by :D

Euphoria13 said...

Hi there!

I'm hopping by from the Blog Hop!

I'm a new follower!

Happy Reading and welcome to the blogging world!

- Mevurah

Susan said...

Glad to have found you via the Hop. Honestly, I think the best way to "advertise" your blog is to participate in events like the Hop and Friday Follow. Also, reading and commenting on other book blogs. I keep hearing about this Ning thing - I may have to check that out.

Have a great weekend!

angelatarantula said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower. Love your blog! How did you do that header, it's awesome! I love it!!
I would really appreciate it if you stopped by my blog:)

Angela Z

Unknown said...

Hi Kristina! Stopping by and following from the Blog Hop! Stop by mine if you get a chance and pick up the Life is Good Award from my blog!

La Coccinelle said...

I'm not great at promoting my blog, either. I do tweet, but I'm not even sure if anyone is paying attention (my tweets don't seem to bring in any extra traffic or comments).

Have a great weekend!

Danna (Bananas For Books) said...

Hello:) Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I'm here to return the favor:) Great minds think a like for advertisement! I'm team peeta too!
-Danna from

Literature for Lunch said...

I am an old follower just stopping by :)

I am absolutely terrible at Twitter--I just can't keep up. I do love the Blog Hop to make real connections with people. If I only end up with 10 followers, but we have great discussions about books, then I am fine with 10. :)

pussreboots said...

Happy weekend. Come see how I use the social networks.

I'm a new follower.

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Ok, wow o_o I’m pretty much speechless! I haven't gotten this many responses for anything before, haha. I don’t know how I’ll respond to all of your comments, so I figure I won’t. I’ll just say a general thank you for following me and for stopping by my blog, guys! :) I’ve tried going back to all of your blogs and re-following. =D (and after two hours, I'm done! :D)

@Alison: My header was actually made via PAINT. Crazy, huh?

@angelatarantula: I actually didn’t make it myself, haha. I’m design/graphically challenged. I had my really awesome friend make it for me. <3

Have a great weekend, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hopping back, thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you have a great weekend! I just have to say that I love the name of your blog and I think your header is so cute!

Unknown said...

I am a new follower! I use the social networks to spread the word about my blog

Diana said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started my blog in January and sometimes it feels that I have no idea what I'm doing so don't feel bad! =)
I'm a new follower! Have a great day!

Candace said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog! Okay, one thing that works well is getting the Networked Blogs Widget from facebook. Through that it will automatically post on facebook when a new post goes up. You can also set it to automatically tweet at the same time. Then if you have a tweet button on your posts as well you can occasionally tweet it that way and then your not pushing yourself, you don't have to think of how to word your tweet and it's EASY!
Other then that it seems like more people are doing linky's for your to link your reviews (mine goes up in a few hours as Saturday Situation). Also visit blogs a lot!
Goodluck! I'm gonna look around your blog a bit. I've got a screaming kid here, so we'll see how far I get though...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm a new follower and am excited to start looking around your blog! Have a blessed weekend!

Steph from said...

Hi there, came by on the hop. I liked your sense of humor in the Graceling review; esp. in your quotes New Follower i write about marketing of my blog in today's post, and feature another blog. Also have a contest happening! Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
twitter: @fangswandsfairy

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of book blogs ning, and looks like everyone is on twitter, so i better get my act together and start tweeting!

Black Disaster Fairy said...

It's a good night for hopping.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Black Disaster Fairy

As I Turn the Pages said...

I know that feeling of uncertainty. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing or how to assert my presence in the bloggin world. In six months, I've come a long way. Social networking has been a big. Twitter, Facebook, Book Blogs Ning, and memes have helped in getting followers. I think reader interaction is still a work in progress for me.

You're on the right track. Look at how many comments you got on this post!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Elizabeth said...

First-time visitor...just hopping by.

Stop by my blog if you like to see how I get the word out:

Maidenveil said...

Hi, Kristina! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Welcome to blogging! Twitter is helpful if you really want to reach out socially and interact. In time you will get the hang of it as you go along.

have a nice weekend!

Musings of a Reader Happy

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

I am curious about your review of Evermore. I love that book.

I am a new follower :)

Ava said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you have a great blog. My favorite way to spread the word about my blog is just through blogger hops, which I see you've already figured out!

Deepali said...

Hi! I m on the hop - isn't it lovely to have so many comments? I think this is a great way to build followers and friends..

Dee from e-Volving Books

Annette Mills said...

Also a relatively new blogger. Started out mostly for myself. Trying to stay away from too much other stuff besides reviews. I enjoyed your reviews -- they are "my kind of books."

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Thank you all who commented and followed me! I really appreciate it, and I went back to your blogs to return the hop. <3

@1girl2manybooks: Thank you! =) I’m trying to get a rating system that has something nomming something else, but I fail at graphic design and can’t tie the two in together =(! Thank you for the header compliment <3 I love my friend for making it for me xD

@bookangel: Thank you for the encouragement! I’m trying my very best to produce something other people will be interested in. =) I’ll have to work on my networking skills, though! :P

@Norwegian BookGirl: My review will probably disappoint you then. =x I DID like the book, but I wasn’t insane about it. I think if it included a lot more description and depth to the characters, I might have liked it more. Also, I realized I cannot read a book with a setting I know personally. xD

Midnyte Reader said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your comment was funny and so was your answer to this! But look at all the responses you got! That's crazy amazing! I use Twitter to connect as well as to spread the word about my blog. It's kind of fun to read everyone's thoughts, but I can get overwhelmed. So, I'm just enjoying the blogging experience and trying not to stress myself out about promotion.

Library Gal @Lost in the Library said...

Hi! Hopping & following you back. I think you're doing fantastic! Look at all the responses! Looking forward to reading your posts. Have a great weekend.

Chrystal said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your header... so cute!

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

@Midnyte Reader: Hi! <3 Thanks for stopping by! I've never been called funny before, so I appreciate it! xD I have no idea how I got half of the responses I did -- I'm actually pretty surprised. xD Blogging's gotten overwhelming for me, too, sometimes. So I just take it back a step and just read for a while. There's no way I can be one of those bloggers who does it all.

@Library Gal: Thank you! I have no idea how I got so many responses xD Whatever I did, I should do more of it. xD I'm looking forward to following you as well! :)

@Chrystal: Thanks! All credit goes to my awesomepawesome friend. <3 I originally was going to do cookie monster nomming on cookies -- it turned out BAD!

Rob McMonigal said...

Hey there,

Stopping by since you visited me! Congrats on getting those awards. :)

You also have some really ambitious challenges!

Unknown said...


I'm returning your visit from the Hop.

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

@Rob: Hello there! :) Thank you very much! And haha, I do have ambitious challenges. I doubt I will finish everything I've set out to do, but I always believe that if I set my bar higher, I'll accomplish more by trying to reach that bar.

@Kah: Hi! Thanks for stopping by! <3

Rowena said...

Hello, I'm just stopping by from the blog hop. I'm a new follower as I see that we're reading the same books this year. I look forward to reading more from your blog!

Keep up the good work!

The Book Scoop

Julie said...

Thanks for hopping by blog. I'm a new follower :) I see we are opposite teams LOL. But I love Peeta.

Must Love Books said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following back.

I also feel weird too going to all the blogs and going "hey, i'm following you. visit my blog" wink wink, hint hint. haha. We all do it though. :)

Anonymous said...

You have such a cute blog going here! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I don't really like Twitter either, I mostly visit and comment other blogs and participate in giveaways. Hope you have a great week!

MH Tofan said...

Nice post, Thanks for your very useful Information, I will bookmark for next reference

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