Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Title Reveal: Illusions!

Aprilynne Pike (author of Wings and Spells) has finally announced the title to the third installment to her Wings series! The title, you ask? Well, you should probably already know, since it's in the blog title. :P That aside, the third book is called Illusions.

The actual link to her post reveal is here.

I'm really liking how she explained the process to get her titles -- it seemed like she went through such an arduous process to produce her titles! I have to admit that when I saw the original names for the books [Autumn Wings, Winter Spells, Spring Enticements, and Summer Illusions], I was a bit sad that they scrapped the idea (but I saw the logic behind their decision, so my sadness was short-lived!). It could have been cool, even if she hadn't of incorporated the idea of the storyline taking place during the seasons in the titles, because of the various groupings of the faeries.

I was so excited when I saw Aprilynne Pike's update on Facebook -- I couldn't wait to get the news out! I personally adore the title Illusions. It ties in with all the other titles, and I'm really curious with how the title will pertain to the book (since the previous novels had their titles incorporated into the plots).

I know I haven't even expressed how much I love Aprilynne's Wings series, or posted any reviews, but they'll be coming up soon! I anticipate a re-read really soon! Tentative cover art reveals will be in December, around Christmas, (I'd quote that, but I have NO idea how to quote Facebook replies, so you'll have to deal with a general link) so be on the look-out! I'll probably bug you all with reminders then, also. <3

What do you all personally think of the new title? :)