Thursday, September 2, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Film to Paper

Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?

 The short and simple answer I have for this is yes. 

While I normally try and avoid movie versions of books, I seem to find myself in the theater for those books, anyway. I like seeing the nuances of each version, and how the book is adapted onto the screen. Sometimes, even, a movie helps me get a visualization for a scene I found hard to imagine in my head. For example, castles. I'm a horrid visualizer of castles. If you all could see what I picture as a "castle" in my mind, I'm sure you'd all be appalled. I couldn't picture Hogwarts at all until I saw the movies.

Anyway, back to the question. Even if I don't particularly enjoy a movie adaption for a book, seeing it makes me want to run out of the theater and read the book right away. For example, upon watching the Twilight and Harry Potter movies, I had to go through marathons of their books within the next few days [if only to see what had been inevitably cut out, and to revisit certain scenes in the book and see how they were depicted]. If I hadn't read the book, but know a movie is adapted from a novel I haven't read (ex. Charlie St. Cloud), I'd want to go out and buy the book right away. I even become aware of the existence of some books/series through their movies's previews (ex. The Lightning Thief, based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians). So, yes, movies cause me to run like mad to the originals out of sheer curiosity (and love if I'm acquainted with a series before the movie).


gautami tripathy said...

I do read certain books after watching a period drama. In a way it has only enhanced a movie. However, I don't like to watch movies after reading a book. Exceptions are there,

Here is my BTT: Film to Books post!

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

Hi gautami!

I feel the same way! I can't ever go to a movie if I've read a book beforehand. I made the mistake of reading the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) before watching the movie, and it totally ruined the movie for me. That's why I wait until the movie is out, then have a book-reading marathon AFTER I see the movie!

Thank you for dropping by! <3

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